How To Overcome Challenges in life

To start with, I'll like to drop this saying thus “a life free of challenges is not worthy of living”.

Challenges are part and parcel of life because they facilitate in our growth, improve our skills and polish up our talents so that we can become successful individuals in whatever endeavor we are involved in.  Challenges more so  helps us to discover who we really are and what we can do in difficult situations. Knowing how to overcome these inescapable challenges of life is the major concern of this article.
Having research deeply in the above assertions, I can say that below although not limited are the various ways one can easily overcome challenges in life.
1. Acknowledging That Challenges Are Part Of The Process of living.

Life is a process and the word process as used in this context connotes the element of time. Life could get tough, hard and unbearable yet one of the annoying things we hear from people is “be positive, stay calm.”

When we experience challenges in life, it is…

Cristiano Ronaldo welcomed his twins

Cristiano Ronaldo 'welcomes the birth of twins, a boy & a girl from surrogate mother.

Real Madrid football star,  Cristiano Ronaldo, has reportedly become the father of surrogate twins.
According to Portuguese TV channel SIC, who described the news as 'a secret', the children, a boy and a girl, named Eva and Mateo, were born last week Thursday.
'Mateo and Eva, those are the names of Cristiano Ronaldo’s twins,' the channel claimed. 'The boy and girl were born to a surrogate mum. It’s a secret that Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t yet revealed to the rest of the world.' 
Although, in March 2017, a UK newspaper reported that Ronaldo was due to become the father of twin boys.
So far, there is no official confirmation from his agent or the footballer who is currently enjoying his Champions League glory, but several Portuguese websites and newspapers including leading Portuguese daily Correio da Manha have published the story.
Ronaldo, who is presently dating Spanis…

What A Miracle

A Little Baby  pulled out alive after a truck smashed into shop in Imo State (photos)

God has done it again.  A baby escaped death after a vehicle smashed into a shop at Okwudor junction in Imo State on Tuesday, June 8th. 
According to Facebook user Frank Wilson, several people were injured but the baby girl, who was sleeping inside the shop at the time of the incident, was found under the car, alive and without any injury. She was taken to the hospital where doctors confirmed she is OK.

This is just amazing!!


"Slay Queens Slaying In Camp" - This Female Corper's Outfit Got People Talking

This pretty female corps member has left tongues wagging after she was spotted wearing this sultry outfit in camp. Media users have however criticized her outfit saying the main purpose of the scheme is not to turn it into a slay queen show.
See below.


Saturday, 10 June 2017
NYSC member divorces husband and refunds bride price. 

A serving NYSC corp member filed a petition to a Jos Upper Area Court to have her marriage dissolved on the grounds that she was no longer in love with her husband.

Rukayat Ahmed, 27, who lives in Jos with her now ex-husband, Alkasim Ahmed, argued that it was allowed in Islamic law for partners to separate if they were no longer in love and unwilling to live together.

Alkasim did not object to Rukayat's request so the marriage was dissolved. Judge Yahaya Ahmed, in addition to granting the separation, ordered Rukayat to refund the N80,000 which her husband paid when he came to marry her.




Let Me just act... 
Like I don't know the fact...

Look at how Life's falling has made me Bold...
Even though my real story of existence is yet to be told..
I'm confused because the good, the bad and the ugly I hold..
And all I'm experiencing is just too cold

Never had the slightest feeling of falling down to the ground...
Tho I'm very aware the world goes round.. 
But strength and courage has always been around..

I told myself something in the month of May 
I am strong is what I always say.. 
Not knowing that I would one day meet a sorrowful day..
A day that has made me so weak to even pray..
That I can't even find happiness in a friend's play

I'm wounded for love.. 
So much wounded cos I don't see how it would be solve..
Dunno if it's because everything is in curve
Or maybe I was unknowingly shoved