Let Me just act... 
Like I don't know the fact...

************** cry
Look at how Life's falling has made me Bold...
Even though my real story of existence is yet to be told..
I'm confused because the good, the bad and the ugly I hold..
And all I'm experiencing is just too cold

Never had the slightest feeling of falling down to the ground...
Tho I'm very aware the world goes round.. 
But strength and courage has always been around..

I told myself something in the month of May 
I am strong is what I always say.. 
Not knowing that I would one day meet a sorrowful day..
A day that has made me so weak to even pray..
That I can't even find happiness in a friend's play

I'm wounded for love.. 
So much wounded cos I don't see how it would be solve..
Dunno if it's because everything is in curve
Or maybe I was unknowingly shoved

Heartbroken I've been with tears..
Crying out to someone who doesn't wanna hear..
I just feel like ending it here
Since darkness is rapidly coming near..
The pains is what I don't think I can bear..
Someone's has to help out since I'm dear 

In fact Someone needs to help me out..
Because I can't even explain how pains sealed my mouth..
I only bear but can let out a shout..
Yet everyone still expresses some feelings of doubt.. 

Do you think it's a lie? 
Or you wanna believe me when I die? 
See I've worn anger just as a tie 
And someone's has to collect this file 

Maybe I've got to get up from sand
Equip so many weapons in my hand 
Take hold of everything in the land
And be in charge of them in the band

If I must be acquainted with life 
Then I've got to be submissive to some extent like a wife
Else I'll be wounded with a cut like a sharp knife..

I think I've got to end it here
Otherwise I may not really get there..

cry cry cry cry cry

Uhmmm.. I'm just free styling..

This work is not from a professional poet and as such is opened to constructive criticisms... Thanks

I remain my humble self... Rejoice


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