Proudly An Adult Facilitator

See why I'm still proud of my department despite the negative comments..

My Name Is Akahara Rejoice Chizoba. A student of UNN to be precise from the greatest department of Adult Education.
For those who are just getting to know that a Department like this does exist will be eager to know why "greatest" is attached to it when it's not even among the so-called professional courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering and others not mentioned. Feel free as I take you on the ride of giving you reasons why my department is not to be made fun of but to be awarded her greatness which she so deserves.
To those of us in this great department, our Department is not a scornful one and in fact I'm so proud of the department and hoping you are.
It was always cumbrous then for me to tell the sincere truth to anyone who cared to know what I was really studying in the University. I always feared response like, how is Adult Education gonna help you in Life?? Are you even an Adult to Start With? Why didn't you go for a better course and I can tell that these response which took the question form provoked me into going on a deep research to know how Adult Education is gonna help me in Life and why I'm actually studying it.
There's always this first meaning that almost everyone subscribes to when staged with the concept Adult Education - Education for the aged whereby they carry their lamps heading towards the village hall at night to learn how to recite the alphabet in their native language. What If I tell you Adult Education is weigh beyond this?? Will you think I'm trying to mask or bury a simple truth simply because I wanna respect or restore my dignity?
Just feel free to read on as I'm gonna make this informal concise work of mine very educative, informative and pervaded with morals as well.
Please permit me to give my own definition of what Adult Education is. To start with, I wanna break the concept to a comprehensive one thereby picking out the terms in it.
So who is an Adult??
I'm sure this word does not really lend itself to an easy definition maybe because of it diverse usage or complexity in nature but not to crack the Rock, there has to be some definitions for it still.
An adult is someone who accepts responsibility, makes independent decisions, and becomes financially independent. An adult can also be seen as an individual whose age and biological state requires an expected or a particular set of behaviour both to himself and to the society at large. There are other parameters used in explaining the word in divergent views like age, social status, reasoning capacity and so on.
What is Education?
Providing a proper definition of Education is complicated by the fact that there is not a clear consensus about what is important about being and becoming educated in life today.
According to Wikipedia, Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.
Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research.
I think I've done justice in defining the terms and lemme quickly run down to what Adult Education means.
Adult Education prepares people for life either for the now or the tomorrow yet unseen and it's not just concerned with helping people with life's situations but helping them become successful In things they do. With the help of Adult Education, an individual who is perceived as an adult will have his competency increased, he gains greater fulfillment in life and is aware of solving his problems. Sorry for not giving a conceptual definition of Adult Education just felt like going straight to the point.
This is really a hypothetical reasoning which places the department in a devalued situation.
Many people directly or indirectly attribute age to adulthood which brings bout the question "Are you even an Adult To Start with" when you tell them the Course you're studying. As small as you are, you're busy studying a Course meant for our grannies, was the exact comment my aunt gave me when I told her I newly got admitted into Adult Education. I don't know if I'll be countered to say that Adulthood is not solely based on age but an emotional maturity channelled to self- reasoning? Age is not particularly a good indicator of maturity although it’s something we need to add for practical living since it's relative to reasoning.
Adult are part and parcel of the development of any country, what happens when the Adults are not educated?? Does the country still develops??
More to come.....
Still buffering........
Trust me I'm not done with this wordings of mine
Just looking up for your recommendations or comments to continue.. Everyone's suggestion is highly recommended here
I'm a proud Educationist
I'm an Adult Facilitator
Long live the Department of Adult Education


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